Multiple shootings in Dothan over weekend

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Three shootings occurred in the past four days in Dothan, which took place on Linden Street, Frederick Road and Southport Street.

Dothan police Lieutenant Scott Owens explained why most shootings around the area happen.

“We see an increase in shootings just whenever there is hostility between two parties and it tends to increase this way.” Owens said.

Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba commented that he believes between COVID-19 and the heat, that is what is making people feel more susceptible to crime.

“COVID-19 fatigue and being taken out of our normal life styles as well, I think it’s summertime and hot and heat can bring that out of us.” Saliba said.

Owens continued to explain the science behind why shootings happen in and around Dothan, as compared to larger cities.

“You tend to see more because there’s one shooting and then a retaliatory shooting and then a retaliatory shooting to the retaliatory shooting so that’s why you might perceive that there is an increase in shootings.” Owens said. “In fact our felony assault cases have gone down a little bit in the same period as they were last year.”

Owens said that once they get word of a shooting, they usually find all the parties involved to make sure there are no retaliatory shootings and that the number of cases is actually still lower than previous years.

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