Montgomery man dies after being mauled by police K-9

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It’s rare that we hear of a police K-9 killing someone, but family members of a Montgomery man say that was the case after a burglary suspect was mauled down.

“My brother didn’t deserve to die like that,” said Nancy Pettaway

Nancy Pettaway spoke to CBS 42 on behalf of her family after her 50-year-old brother Joseph Pettaway died while being restrained by a police K-9.

Montgomery police say the dog apprehended the man after they believed he had burglarized a home. Police have not confirmed if the dog killed Pettaway. 

“That’s a sad situation,” Nancy Pettaway said. “If they heard him hollering, why didn’t they go in there and stop the dog?”

CBS 42 spoke with expert dog trainer Cupid Seymour to learn more about how police K-9 training works. 

“We were speaking earlier about the dog being trained to kill and the answer to that is no,” said Cupid Seymour. 

Seymour is a former member of law enforcement. Now, he spends his time training police dogs. 

“We want to use the dog to neutralize the situation so that we don’t have to use deadly force,” said Seymour.

“As a trainer, we try to be sure that we teach a precision bite when we are teaching the dog to apprehend someone because it is against the law for a dog to maul someone, ” said Seymour. 

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