McCraney’s lawyer speaks out following indictment

Local News

OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Coley McCraney, the man suspected of killing teens J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett, must now wait for his formal arraignment after being indicted on five capital murder charges.

The suspected killer is now waiting for his formal arraignment and trial date — something McCraney’s attorney, David Harrison, said will change the entire case.

“Nothing has happened that we didn’t expect,” Harrison said. “When you have one side of the fight to be able to take all the punches, they’re slinging all the punches, you’re going to lose. But now we get to hit back, so to speak.”

With an arraignment and trial date looming ahead, Harrison said he, and the rest of McCraney’s defense team, is ready to go to trial. 

“I promise you this, we do have a side of this story and we’re looking forward for the people of this county, for this family and Coley McCraney getting justice,” Harrison said.

As the case enters its third month, the Wiregrass continues to debate if McCraney is the true killer.

“If they find out that he did it, then yeah, he needs to be in jail,” resident Zackary Mcafee said. “I don’t see a point of why he would be in jail if they don’t have proof.”

McCraney’s formal arraignment is set for August 8th.

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