Mask mandate on restaurant staff

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Governer Ivey announced last week that her stay at home order would last until July 31 at 5 pm. This also included a mask mandate for all restaurant employees.

All restaurant employees must have their nostrils and mouths covered while at work. Restaurants must also adhere to social distancing measures and cannot have walk up drink or food stands open to the public. It is also strongly encouraged to offer takeout, or pickup options for patrons.

“You know I think, I think the mask in both ways are what is making the biggest impact, safety wise.” said KBC owner Kelsey Clark. “I think that the masks are the one thing that are keeping people from really spreading this as much and I think it’s what is really keeping my staff safe.”

The Alabama Department of Public Health has offered ways that people can submit complaints against restaurants that are not adhering to guidelines.

“So the mask wear is a condition of reopening.” said Corey Kirkland, the Southeastern Public Health District Administrator. “It is also very important protecting your fellow employees and also the customers. Bars were able to open, and also restaurants, but they had to maintain the distance between tables. Patrons are included in that as well.”

Since opening to dine-in patrons, some restaurant owners say they have been busier than ever.

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