Locals warn others about potential Margarita crawl scam

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — When browsing the Internet, users may come across events that seem legitimate but actually ways to steal your money.

One event being promoted through Facebook now is something called a “Margarita Crawl.”

According to one person who purchased tickets, the Facebook page claims that it comes with a swag bag, a free drink, and more.

“Hadn’t really heard anything else about it until this morning when somebody posted on Facebook that it could possibly be a scam,” Taylor Edwards said. “So, I emailed the company this morning. I still haven’t heard anything back. Now I’m just waiting to figure out if I’ll at least get my money back.”

One bar manager tells me that there’s one reason why they wouldn’t be able to have the event.

“In the state of Alabama, we can’t (give a) discount to one certain people,” Chill Lounge General Manager Daniel Lewis said. “If we do a discounted price, it’s got to be to (be for) everybody. I haven’t heard any other bars being affiliated with it. Right now it says five-plus bars to be named later, but I want to get ahead of it and make sure that our bar’s not listed as one of them, and if it is people need to know that we’re not affiliated with it.”

Jared Bladen said the event looked legitimate on Facebook and trusted that this was real.

“At this point, I’m inclined to believe that it probably is a scam, and it’s disappointing,” Bladen said. “I hope it’s not a scam, but you know since the places were not announced, and I’m hearing the places around town are not participating I’m pretty skeptical at this point.”

Edwards said that this will help her be more aware of what she gives her debit card number for.

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