Local schools prepared to start standardized testing again

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With 2020 being such a different year due to COVID-19, standardized testing was at a low point.

Now, the Federal Education Department said it will not allow states to forgo federally required standardized testing in school this year.

“Since we didn’t give standardized testing last year, we do not plan to delay,” Henry County Schools Superintendent Lori Beasley said. “We have a window that we work with, that testing window, and were going to knock it out.”

Some states, including New York and Michigan, have said they will apply to be waived from testing.

Randi Eingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said that national standardized tests are not the best way to measure a child’s development or inform of the best practices for teaching and learning and should be replaced with locally created evaluations.

Officials from the area don’t necessarily agree.

“I want to give those assessments because it gives us a gauge, and I want to see where we are at, where we stack up,” Beasley said.

With school being changed so drastically due to the coronavirus pandemic, some officials fear it has had a major negative impact on the learning of the students.

“We are gonna see some gaps; we are gonna see some deficiencies due to COVID and the loss of instruction,” District System Test Coordinator Cas Haddock said. “We get that, but the only way for us to prepare and to move forward and to plan, we’ve got to have that data to help us out.”

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