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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — If the year wasn’t unusual enough due to the pandemic, different parts of the state are dealing with snow, ice, and here in the Wiregrass storms.

“Weather is something that we Wiregrass Elective Cooperative and really any electric utility something we’re always mindful of and something we always have to deal with you just never know what we have to deal with weather-wise,” Chief Operating Officer Brad Kimbro said.

In Texas, half a million people are without power due to the snowstorm. While snow is not very common in Alabama, the Wiregrass got a taste of the polar vortex in 2014 which put a strain on the electric grid.

Kimbro says Wiregrass Electric practices reliability and affordability and one of many issues leading to the blackout in Texas is windmills freezing and not having enough reserves.

“When you have a generational source like a windmill like a solar panel those applications work but if they don’t work and they are offline like what happened in texas then you have to have that capacity replaced and if you don’t then the lights go off,” Kimbro said.

Kimbro says their power supplier Power south has up to 20 percent of reserves especially after the effects of 2014. He says customers wouldn’t have to worry about a rolling blackout as of now.

“I believe we can say and reassure our members that we would not be in that situation if that cold weather hit us again not saying we wouldn’t have outages,” He said.

Kimbro says if it was to happen here they would be prepared just like any other emergency situation. They do have a crew in Tennessee and North Alabama helping with outages.

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