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UPDATE: Police chief arrested for alleged sexually deviant acts sent to Bay County

UPDATE — 10/5/18: Level Plains police Chief Billy Driggers has been transported to Bay County, according to the Dale County Sheriff's Office.


UPDATE — 7:16 PM: The Level Plains Mayor’s Office has stated that Driggers has been placed on leave without pay. Another officer will be selected to serve as acting chief.

The email sent to us also said this incident will not affect the department's service to its citizens or its cooperation with the Dale County Sheriff's Office or the Alabama State Troopers.



PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WDHN) — Level Plains' chief of police is now behind bars for sexually deviant acts.

Chief Billy Driggers was arrested for allegedly masturbating in view of women and children.

According to Panama City Police, officers went to Aqua Condominiums Tuesday to investigate suspicious activity concerning a strange man.

The man was apparently masturbating while watching female guests in view of some guests. Officers then apprehended the man and confirmed his identity as Driggers.

Upon viewing surveillance footage, authorities reportedly discovered that Driggers had previously entered an elevator three times wearing only a pair of shorts and began fondling himself around women and children.

Investigators also allege that Driggers followed teenage girls around on the beach, filming them while they showered and masturbating behind them.

With this evidence, police obtained a warrant for his arrest. Driggers was arrested while at work and charged with four counts of disorderly conduct. As of the latest report from police, he is at the Dale County Jail awaiting transport to Bay County.


MINOR CORRECTION: The update previously stated that the press release came from Councilor James Bullinger, but it actually was a general statement from the office of the mayor. The email was misread as Councilor Bullinger’s electronic signature was at the bottom and mistaken for an attribution.

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