Local mother thankful after 1st responders save toddler from drowning

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LOVETOWN, Ala. (WDHN) — First responders always say they were simply doing their job, and that’s exactly what Lovetown volunteer firefighters did when they rescued 1-year-old Kalani Ross from drowning.

“If it wasn’t for Ashford Rescue, Joseph Knowley, and Lovetown Volunteer, I wouldn’t be here because she wouldn’t be here,” said Meagan Childress, Kalani’s mother.

Childress said she owes her daughter’s life to the Lovetown Volunteer Fire Department after her daughter nearly drowned.

Meanwhile, volunteer firefighter Jason Toler said he was just doing his job.

As a grandfather, Toler said it was the right thing to do.

“When you have a child that’s not breathing like that, you want to do everything in your might to be able to help the child, and I’m grateful for that,”

Childress also thanked her babysitter Joseph Knowley. He’s the one who gave her daughter Kalani CPR.

Childress believes if he had not given her CPR, Lovetown Fire Rescue would not have been able to save her daughter.

Kalani has since recovered well, despite the typical outcome doctors see in these cases.

“Usually the outcome isn’t this good,” Meagan said. “Usually they do not see a child recover this quickly. We went to a check-up yesterday. She is perfectly fine. Her lungs are 100 percent clear. Her heart is fine. She is back to herself 100 percent.”

Childress thanks every person who played a hand in saving her daughter.

She believes God saved them both.

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