Local man accused of posing as doctor on social media to scam women

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN)  — Have you ever been approached through social media about a job only for things to go awry?

Well, that’s what happened to one Wiregrass resident this weekend.

A man claiming to have just opened a private practice in Ozark offered one woman $16.25 an hour for an assistant position but then said he would have to give her a physical himself. 

“I’m glad she recognized early that that, in fact, was a scam,” said Mike Maxwell, Business Development Manager of Express Employment Professionals. “No agency in this area or anywhere would conduct business and screen an applicant for a position in that way.”

Sgt. Tim Mullis said from what he’s seeing, it looks as if the man has been messaging random people, and that this incident can go back to the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” 

“You’ve really got to trust Facebook to an extent, and when somebody starts talking to you unprovoked, you know that’s weird in and of itself,” Mullis said. “But then when they start saying outlandish stuff like he was, you’ve really got to report them, and Facebook is really really proactive on stuff like that.”

Since the story has been shared, many others have posted different stories about him approaching them through social media. 

“If it were me, I would look at the legitimacy, look up the company and everything and that type of criteria and see if it’s legit,” Britany Glover said. “If it’s not legit, I wouldn’t reply at all because they’re scams all the time, especially if you’re pretty.”

Mullis said they have had people already report him, and when in doubt, call them. 

Mullis also said that if this happens, and you have mutual friends look through those and reach out to them, but never meet with somebody that you don’t know based off a social media message.

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