Local church still holding baptisms during pandemic

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Bethel Baptist Church views baptisms as rebirth in a new life, accepting Jesus Christ as one’s savior.

They have continued their ceremonies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but taking precautions to keep patrons save.

Here is what Pastor Ricky Plummer said about the baptism services,

“The ones I have baptized, we were not wearing masks.” Plummer said. “We were probably just cautious and, you know, the water is going to have chlorine in it anyway and I don’t know if it’s safe to do that or not but I’m willing to take the risk to baptize during this pandemic. I’m willing to take that risk.”

The baptism seen and all others performed during the pandemic have taken place before the state wide mask mandate was set into affect by Governor Ivey.

When asked about babies and children being baptized, Pastor Ricky explained that they do not baptize babies but they do dedicate children.

“I don’t recall having a baby dedication back at mother’s day like we normally do, probably because of the pandemic just being nervous about it. I’m not sure, I think we were still doing a recorded service.” Plummer said.

So as the pandemic continues, Pastor Ricky and Bethel Baptist are moving forward to help people receive this special ceremony during an uncertain time in our world.

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