Large alligator spotted in west Dothan

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(Courtesy: Nigel Aman)

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A photo of a large alligator spotted in West Dothan has gone viral after a resident snapped a picture of it chilling on the side of a creek.

Nigel Aman, owner of the local Jimmy John’s, took the photo of the gator this past Sunday around lunchtime. He wrote that the reptile had taken up residence near a bridge on Fortner Street, past Highlands South.

While it’s not known exactly how big the alligator is, the photos taken at a distance suggest that it is of a considerable size, larger than a fallen branch that lay next to it in one of the photos.

The alligator has lived there for a while now, according to one Facebook user. He said there is also one that lives in the same creek but is spotted hanging around County Line Road.

Alligators are able to grow past 15 feet in length for males and nine feet for females.

While they are known to be an aggressive species, alligators are not likely to attack humans and have a natural fear of them. They also are more picky eaters than their crocodile cousins, which are far more likely to attack and kill people.

However, be aware of what is in your local waterways to prevent any violent encounters with the animals. You can find guidelines on how to coexist with alligators here.

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