Kinston School principal says no reported Covid cases following the Thanksgiving Holiday

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Kinston, Ala. (WDHN)—Last week, state educators and health officials warned school districts about possible upticks in
Coronavirus cases after Thanksgiving family gatherings.

Kinston School is a pre-k-thru-12th grade learning facility near the Coffee/Covington county line.

Principal Danny Branch says he and his staff were anticipating possible Covid-19 cases or direct contact
quarantine for faculty and students who had contact with an infected individual during the
Thanksgiving holiday.

But now one week later, so far, so good. No additional cases, or quarantines.
Branch says “There is a little bit of an increase in our area and not just in our school, but throughout our area so I think it’s just a Coffee County thing and in the wiregrass. But, it’s curtailed enough where we can still have a school like we wanted all year.”

Coffee County School Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth says the district has worked to
accommodated school buses to have wifi because if the district had to go virtual, the buses would be parked in certain areas to allow district students to have
internet access.

Recently, Killingsworth reported some 55 total Covid cases
In the district since the beginning of the school year in August.

He reminds parents that one student with covid can cause numerous other students to quarantine due
to exposure. Those numbers are even compounded when the “Infected” student is involved in sports.

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