Judge expands business ban on Kountry Kennel owner

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — A new order by Judge Sonny Reagan has tightened the restrictions on Kountry Kennel owner Donna Lindgren.

According to the new order, Lindgren is now banned from doing “any business related to animals, including, but not limited to, dogs.”

The order states that Lindgren cannot breed or sell animals, but she may donate them to good homes. However, while in her care, Lindgren must give the animals she still has proper care.

This will expand the restriction that the June 4 order provided, which states that Lindgren cannot operate her boarding business in the Enterprise city limits or police jurisdiction. Her business was also revoked at this time.

Lindgren issued a written statement before that order that she did not intend to continue her business in Enterprise.

The issues started after a customer got her two dogs back in serious condition, one of them dying shortly after.

Then came the ban from Fort Rucker, which forbade any base personnel from doing business with Kountry Kennel.

Police eventually arrested Lindgren and charged her with animal cruelty after inspecting the conditions at Kountry Kennel.

“The conditions at the premises were unsanitary, unclean and one or more dogs needed medical attention and/or evaluation,” Sgt. Anthony Phillips wrote in an affidavit. “At least one dog was severely emaciated and inside the Defendant’s house there were large dogs kept in small cages and dog feces and urine, and the corresponding smell associated with the same, present throughout.”

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