Interview: Congressman-elect Barry Moore on his plans for Washington

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — WDHN’s Ilyana Capellan was able to catch up with Congressman-elect Barry Moore to talk about his plans for Congress and other matters.

Here’s the full interview:

Take us through Congressional freshman orientation. Have you started yet, and what do you expect before your swearing-in ceremony?

“Yeah we’ve started, I tell everybody it’s kinda like drinking out of a fire hose. There’s a lot to get done in a short period of time. We have some key people in place. We’re learning our way around and kind of going through the process of setting up the offices for serving constituents and for serving here at Congress”

All of Alabama’s congressional delegation are Republicans — except one.  You will be forced to work with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and your colleagues on the other side of the aisle who have the majority in the House of Representatives.  How do you plan to do that?

“Well, I think we have a great opportunity to bridge the gap. Obviously, the Democrats now have a razor-thin margin after this midterm or after this general election and so I think there are some ways that we can use the gains that the Republican party have made as well as just putting forth good policy to force them to work. You know, when they had a supermajority, almost supermajority, they really didn’t have to pay us much attention, but I think now we have a voice in the process because of our numbers.”

Our country is divided right now — perhaps more than ever in our history.  What role will you play in bringing people together while you’re in Washington?

“I think that as divided as we seem at times, there are some issues that we can agree on, and certainly, I think that the economy trying to get people back to work. I think everybody wants to get some sense of normalcy back. I think first we need to make sure that the integrity of the elections is verified, and that was a fair process and do what we can do to clean that process up so that there’s no questions going forward, and then you know continue to bridge gaps in places where there’s opportunities. I just think there’s some opportunities for us, and we are going to move in that direction.”

What committees are you hoping to be a part of once you’re sworn in?    committees you believe will be important to Southeast Alabama….

“Well, obviously military is a big part and agriculture, I’ll be the only veteran from the Alabama delegation serving in Congress so that’s a big important part of the district for us. We’ve got Maxwell Gunner. We’ve got a lot of veterans, We’ve got Ft. Rucker and then agriculture, I’m an ag-science major, probably another rarity up here so those are two areas that fit well with the district, and we hope that we can use our expertise, our experience to make sure that we serve our district.

What will be your biggest adjustment moving to D.C.? 

“You know I think for us, I’ve got a place here pretty close I can walk to work every day. The biggest adjustment for me just lies in the bureaucracy. We dealt with that at the state level in Montogomery, but this is another level of bureaucracy that really, we have to try to delve into and understand and make sure we work as productive and efficient as possible.”

6) What would you like to say to the people here in the Wiregrass…especially your hometown of Enterprise… who helped to get you to Washington. 

“Well, let me say this if you can send the garbage man from Baton Crossroad, Alabama to Congress, and it still tells me we’re the greatest nation on earth and as that individual, I am humbled, and I want to do what I can. I hope to do justice and mercy, and walk humbly as I serve”

You were recently named the grand marshal of the Christmas day parade in Enterprise. How do you feel about that?

“You know, again, it’s just on those humbling things. Yeah, I’m sure most of my 6th-grade teachers would probably never thought that would ever happen, but uhh, you know again I’m just honored to be here and honored to serve as the Grand Marshall and look forward to getting back home for a few days and seeing my people from around that area.”

Once again, Congressman-elect Barry Moore, thank you so much for being with us today,

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