Intersection causes trouble for west Dothan residents

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the Orchard being built along with The Cottages expanding and a neighborhood being built across the street from Bethlehem Baptist Church, more traffic is expected to come through the intersection of Murphy Mill Road and Bethlehem Road.

One resident of the area said since January traffic has gotten worse.

“I know since I started here in January, we at that time were closing at six o’clock; we now close at 5:30, and the traffic is just as bad at 5:30 as it is at 6,” Cottages Community Manager Lorri Shoupe said.

As of now, there are only two stop signs on two sides of the road, but Lorri thinks there needs to be more.

“Seems like there needs to be a light, maybe a caution light or something,” Shoupe said.

Of the four roads at the intersection, the city of Dothan only maintains one of them.

Two of the roads are maintained by Houston County and the other by Dale County.

Dothan’s public works director Charles Metzger said they all have discussed what can be done.

One solution they came up with is a roundabout.

“We think it’s the ultimate solution to handle it instead of trying to signalize or do something,” Dothan Public Works Director Charles Metzger said. “There’s been studies looked at as far as a four-way stop or some things like that. You know that may come before a roundabout.”

Metzger said a traffic light would require more than just installing a light, and change won’t come overnight.

“We’ve been talking with Dale and Houston County about trying to look at the long-term needs of the intersection,” he said.

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