Hurricane Sally winds and surf batters coastal Walton County

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Blue Mountain Beach (FL)—A tropical storm warning in effect for most of Northwest, Florida.

Earlier on Tuesday, several areas of Coastal Walton County sustained serious beach erosion.
Residents and visitors “alike” began taking pictures at the public access point
on Blue Mountain Beach.

Hurricane Sally creating “swells” along the shoreline. “Massive” beach erosion and property damage.
Double-red flags warning of “rip-tides” and a strong “undertow”.

A chance for residents and visitors alike to see “Mother Nature’s Fury” first hand.

“Absolutely, absolutely it’s all awe inspiring. Just to see the changes down here,” according to South Walton county resident
Brian Taylor.

“It’s pretty amazing to see this down here, we’re on vacation although we have a place down here. Amazing to see Mother Nature
can be like this”.

Charlene Huss says several sandbag locations are located at the District 5 Road Department County Road 83
On blue mountan beach.

Reporter Mike Gurspan says,
“I’m here in the blue mountain beach community of South Walton County. On Tuesday morning, the surf already encroaches on the
shoreline and getting near several homes as well.”

With intense rain bands, residents quickly realizing they need sandbags to keep the surf, as well
as flash flood waters’ from entering their homes.

“My backyard is flooding. I need this from going into the house,” say Brian Taylor.

At 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, the Walton County Board of Commissioners will “reconvene” at the EOC
to determine if any additional actions need to be taken in regard to Hurricane Sally.

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