Houston county’s response to Gov. Ivey’s mask mandate

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As local businesses continue to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, they must now enforce mask wearing to all entering customers. It is no longer a strong suggestion but a mandatory accessory.

“No I’m very grateful for Governor Ivey passing this.” Eagle Eye Outfitters owner Mark Anderson said. “It’s a situation where there is so much friction about mask wearing in general that, you know, just for the sense of everybody staying protected.”

To some who chose not to wear masks, this is new territory, but to many, nothing has changed.

“Like, in some way I feel that it’s your own opinion to wear one.” AMX truck driver Lanard Miller said. “You know, it’s up to you to wear one or not. Me, personally, I’m going to wear mine because I drive trucks and I’m all over.”

Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba explained that he believes this is for the safety of the community and it has nothing to do with politics or beliefs.

“Well I was hoping that our community would see this as, not a political statement or not, or whether it’s ideology or it’s you’re right but what’s best for our community as a whole.” Saliba said. “Whether you agree with it or not. Whether you think masks are affective or not.”

Governor Ivey’s mandate will go into affect on July 16 at 5 PM.

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