Houston County residents excited as they receive the COVID-19 vaccine for first time

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Many people showed up at the Houston County Health Department excited to get the COVID-19 vaccine Monday morning, the first day for Phase 1b.

“I’ve been waiting on it, and I can’t wait to get my next one,” vaccine recipient Billy Howard said.

One woman said she was very concerned about her friend’s health and couldn’t wait for him and her to get vaccinated.

“I’ve always been afraid of it, but I’m very excited to have this first shot, and I look forward to getting the second shot in February,” vaccine recipient Margaret Howard said. “So we’re proud to have it behind us because he has a lot of health issues, and I was wanting him to get it more so then myself.”

Another woman was worried about the virus, but now that she’s taken the vaccine, she said she is not as concerned.

“I feel a lot better,” vaccine recipient Sally Gordon said. “My doctor told me all the time not to worry about it until I had some effects of it and I haven’t.”

One woman said she was pleased to get it, and the process was easy.

She said people shouldn’t be concerned about taking the vaccine.

“They’ve given it to all the healthcare professionals first, and they’re fine so I have no reason not to do it,” vaccine recipient Irene Silvernail said.

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