Houston County residents call for city to fix almost impassable roads

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ASHFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — Some Ashford residents are calling for the city to repair a neighborhood road that they say has been neglected for too long.

“We have worked with them on it, you know, trying to get something done and the mess in front of my house, and they just haven’t got it done,” resident Linda Jaggers said.

Neighborhood residents said the road has been in need of repairs for at least three years, but despite phone calls, meetings and road scraping attempts, no real progress has been made. Jaggers said the road has gotten so bad, it has caused her to be unable to leave her own home.

“Because of the road, I had to call and cancel (a) doctor appointment with my heart doctor, and we don’t need to have to do that,” Jaggers said.

Jaggers isn’t the only one to have issues on the road; other neighborhood residents said they’ve had negative experiences, too.

“I hope it can be fixed,” resident Willie Snell said. “We pay our taxes and our bills on time, and we’re praying and hoping. They told us in the council meeting that they had the grant money to do it with. We don’t know what the problem is.”

According to Ashford City Mayor Carole Barfield, the delays come after excessive rainfall and wet road conditions.

“I talked to our engineers yesterday, and they were saying if we could get three or four really good warm, sunny days, it would dry out enough that we could get in there and begin to pave it.”

Barfield said she knows residents’ concerns and is actively working toward getting the problem solved. However, more rain is expected for next week, and residents said that if no changes are made, they will be going to upcoming city council meetings.

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