Houston County Commission votes lease piece of land to DDRA

Local News

DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — The commissioners voted to lease a piece of land behind Stix and Cone on Foster Street to the Dothan Downtown redevelopment authority. 

Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver said a few of the businesses on Foster Street want to be able to use the land in various ways. County officials believe it would be more efficient to allow the DDRA to lease the land and manage the requests. The amount of land is small, so the lease agreement would be for only a few hundred dollars a year. 

“All of those things are really more DDRA type activities then they are the county. The county doesn’t need to be negotiating those type of merchant related activities, so we just felt like the best thing to do was just do a small lease to them, give DDRA control of the property assuming they were to approve it and then they can negotiate with those vendors,” Culver said. 

The DDRA board now has to ratify its half of the agreement, and a satisfactory survey has to be completed on the property, as well.

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