Houston County Commission discusses idea to add $5 tag fee for Emergency Management Services

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HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — In November, Houston County voters may be faced with a decision that Dale County citizens faced last year.

The possible vote will be to add $5 to the car registration fee with the money going specifically toward emergency management services.

“The amount of money they’re getting back is not what it used to be,” Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver said. “They felt like it was time to try to see if they could reach out and get the proper funding so that we can be sure that if you or your loved ones have accidents happen out in the county that you can be sure you get the right service.”

The EMS units the money would help benefit are Ashford, Columbia, Cottonwood, Rehobeth, and Wicksburg rescue squads, it will also help the Dothan Fire Department.

However, the Houston County Rescue Unit was not mentioned.

“I understand where these guys are coming from, see it from their point of view and I agree with it totally,” Houston County Rescue Unit Chief and Board President Ashton Davis said. “What I don’t agree with is Houston County Rescue Unit being a recognized rescue squad in Houston County and not being included in this rescue squad tag fee. The verbiage, EMS, or emergency medical service tag fee itself excludes us.”

The rescue unit feels disappointed that they were not included in the decision-making process.

“My plea to you is to include Houston County Rescue Unit in this bill so that we alongside other rescue squads can provide safer more efficient services to the citizens,” Davis said. “If we’re going to fund rescue squads, let’s fund all rescue squads, not just one.”

Upon request, the rescue unit helps law enforcement with search and rescue and specializes in public safety diving.

Instead of approving to add this item to Monday’s regular commission meeting, the commissioners tabled the item, meaning it will be bought back up at the next administrative meeting.

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