Henry County planning to start resurfacing project in 2020

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HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — If you’ve driven on the roads in Henry County recently, then you know they are not in the best conditions.

That will be changing in the coming years in part to Rebuild Alabama, which will raise the gas tax by 10 cents-a-gallon over the next three years.

“One of our really points of emphasis is to be very transparent about where we’re going to spend that money,” said David Money, Henry County Probate Judge. “As everyone knows by now, it’s still yet for them to understand and for us to prove to them, that every penny collected with this new tax will go to the maintenance of road and bridges.”

Phase 1 of the resurfacing project on County Road 55 is planned for late spring or early summer in 2020.

“This road has been a number one priority on our resurfacing list for many years,” said Chris Champion, Henry County Engineer. “It’s heavily traveled, takes a lot of agricultural traffic, and is also in the worst condition of any of the roads in the county, so it’s been at the top of our list for several years.”

Champion said they have heard positive feedback from the community about the resurfacing project.

“Everyone in the community is excited,” Champion said. “Of course, we’d all like to get it done a little bit faster then we’re able to do, but we have to wait for the money to come in from the additional gas tax before we can do the work, but everyone in the community, we’ve gotten very positive reactions from them.”

Phase two will follow six to eight months after the completion of phase one.

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