Henry County continues working towards unified dispatch for law enforcement

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HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Henry County continues to plan the logistical set up of their unified dispatch that will have all law enforcement agencies on the same system.

To begin with, a temporary set up will be located in Headland as they have the room and equipment for it.

“The long-range plan in the next two to three years is to require funds that would be put towards the beginning of a first responders center,” said David Money, Henry County Probate Judge. “Somewhere between Abbeville and Headland that will house E-911 initially but then maybe EMS, the sheriff’s department. Just a point where we can park most of the stuff, but still have it around the county so that response will be quick.”

A unified task force appointed by county leaders visited a dispatch center in a county that is slightly larger than Henry County but had the same issues.

“We’ve been and viewed the facility in Chambers County,” said John Ralph Saunders, Henry County District 2 Commissioner. “We really like what they have, they’re all in one room everyone’s on the same page. They can dispatch fire, EMS, E-911, just whatever we need and it’s done in a timely manner.”

Money said that he wants unified dispatch to be online by January first, but knows it’ll be hard to do.

“We’ll appoint an oversight committee that will set up the scheduling, the salaries and things like that,” Money said. “I’m in hopes that we’ll be able to give those dispatchers a little bit of a raise and time will tell as to how many we need, but it’s something we’re working on every day.”

The county knows that putting this in place will take funding and they are hoping to apply for some federal assistance to help with it.

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