Hartford about to embark on a multi-million dollar sewer line replacement project

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Monday night, the Hartford City Council bit the bullet and agreed to pay the lion share of a multi-million dollar sewer line replacement.
Hartford Mayor Neil Strickland and the city council allocated nearly
900-thousand dollars to put a permanent fix on flooding issues.

The local portion is a match to a Federal Community Development Block Grant to replace old water lines in the city’s “northend”. By doing so, Mayor Strickland says it’ll “eliminate” the “high water” problems when Hartford receives heavy rainfall.

“This is something that needed to be done for years and put us ahead of the game for small things and will add to the attractiveness of this great
community and attractiveness for businesses and for the citizens of Hartford as well,” according to Mayor Strickland.

For the owner of a small mom and pop restaurant at the intersection of North Third Avenue and Kirkland. Leroy Preyer, Junior says alleviating drainage issues
is a big plus on his menu.

The retired Army veteran and Memphis, Tennessee native says “high water” has been a problem in front of his restaurant during heavy rain.

He hopes the sewer line replacement will “solve” the issue for Leroy’s Bar-B-Que Diner

The city will soon receive bids from construction contradctors. It’s hoped the entire project can be completed by Christmas 2021

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