Gordon officials dispute claims of poor water in fire response

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GORDON, Ala. (WDHN) — Gordon town officials have responded to a report saying firefighters experienced some issues, due to water pressure and limited hydrants supply.

The report came after an overnight fire left a local family homeless. It said firefighters had to battle the fire with limited water due to the number of working fire hydrants.

However, the town’s water operator said the hydrant in the area is one of the strongest in their system.

“The system was recently tested by the insurance underwriters, and the highest flowing fire hydrants were designated with an orange wrap on the top, and that street has an orange wrap,” operator Adam Askew said.

In many cases of water of supply, what could possibly happen if the nearest hydrant isn’t working is that crews will have to locate another source of water, which can sometimes slow down the water pressure.

According to Askew, the pressure should have been fine.

“That’s the highest flowing system that hydrant has,” he said.

Mayor Shana Ray told WDHN she has the documentation stating the hydrants are working and flowing properly.

“We passed the test for this year, and if anybody wants to come in my office and review the documentation of these hydrants, concerning the water pressure, I will be more than glad to provide that documentation that was mailed to me,” Ray said.

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