Gordon mayor: ‘Thank God that we are now on the right track’

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GORDON, Ala. (WDHN) — Previous Gordon Mayor Pro-tem, Shana Ray, has been elected as the town’s official mayor. 

After months of political conflict, including a previous mayor being convicted of voter fraud, the town of Gordon is taking steps toward a peaceful future. 

“We’re going to move forward,” Gordon Mayor Shana Ray said. “We’re going to move forward in peace, unity and harmony. I’m looking forward to working with the citizens.”

With a now-vacant council seat, the new mayor said the goal is to find a council member who is ready to put in the work needed to push the town into a positive direction.

“I’m also looking for a person that really wants structure,” Ray said. “That’s going to be pretty much fair, firm and consistent.”

Residents said the town is already starting to come together in a way that it hasn’t for quite some time. 

“Things here are being calm,” Gordon resident Reba Emfinger said. “Everybody is happier; everybody speaks to everybody. We’ve all started pulling together instead of apart.”

Currently, there are plans to bring in grant and infrastructure opportunities to Gordon. 

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