Georgia’s new hands-free law: what you need to know

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(WIAT) – Are you traveling to Georgia anytime soon? A new law passed called the Hands Free Law prohibits drivers from having their cell phone in their hand while driving. 

The law prohibits the following :

  • Writing, sending or reading text messages while holding your device
  • Drivers are not able to listen to music while using earphones
  • Watching and recording videos as the driver are prohibited
  • School bus drivers are not allowed to use wireless devices while loading and unloading a passengers

The video above was shared by the Georgia Governors’ Office of Highway Safety, as the incident shows last week in the city of Byron when a police cruiser was rear ended by a distracted driver. 

You are allowed to do the following:

  • Use hands free technology while speaking and texting
  • Using a GPS system 
  • Wearing and using a smart watch

The new law also prohibits drivers holding a phone and you are not able to use any part of your body to support the phone. 

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