Geneva County Elementary School sees a number of its virtual students coming back to on-site instruction

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Hartford, Ala. (WDHN)—This Friday marks the end of the first nine-week session of classes for the year in the Geneva County School District.

At the beginning of the school year, Geneva County Elementary started with just under 70 students learning virtually.

That number is down to around 20 students learning from home.

Tabatha Matyjasik is the virtual instructor at geneva county elementary school. At the beginning of the school year in
Mid-august, she started with around 70 students learning from home. That number is now down to around two-dozen.

As the year continues, Matyjasik says learning via computer continually improves. But, it seems many parents’
Feel their children are missing something by not having them in an on-campus classroom.

Matyjasik says “Parents were saying that students needed that interaction with the teacher. It is our goal to have them here and get that interaction with the teacher
On a daily basis. Our main goal is to have the kids with us so we can add that support. Our goal is to have kids here daily to give them support and we’re here
To give them support virtually until they decide to come on back.”

Geneva County Elementary School Principal Kari Dawkins says
“Our students have been so very flexible. And everything that we’ve thrown at them they have been picking-up and making it work.
And we’re reaching out to the home as much as the kids that are here in front of us we figured out how to make it work and its been good.”

Geneva County Elementary School Superintendent Becky Birdsong says the virtual instructors at each of her district schools
have done a tremendous job in teaching classroom material via the internet.

As the school year continues, she expects to see a number of virtual students return back to the classroom.

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