Geneva Co. Road 19 residents address their concerns before the Monday Geneva Co. Commission Meeting

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Samson, Ala. (WDHN)—A follow up to a story WDHN brought you last week.

A group of citizens who live along with Geneva County Road 19 outside of Samson voiced concerns to county fathers.

Geneva County Commissioner Sandy Hammer says “I think you really should be satisfied with the amount of work you put on this road. We can put another layer on this
road but it will not make it ride any better.”

Earlier this month, a two-mile paving project along Geneva County Road 19 South was completed. Residents say it was “shoddy” work, and it was a colossal waste of money.

“This shoddy job that you complete recently. There’s no sense saying you’re fixing a road if it’s not going to be fixed,” according to county road 19 resident Edna Baxley.

Fellow road 19 resident Ginger Stephens says “Our understanding last year was that we were going to get a paved road.”
County officials say due to a “Low” daily traffic count on county road 19, they use
A lower grade “repaving” material. It is helped paid through the state’s “increase” in the
fuel tax. But, they say it is quality work.

In the end, the county commission and the residents along county road 19 said they will look at
the possibility of putting down the new pavement at the start of the new fiscal year
which begins October First.

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