Geneva Co. Commission receives grant to improve intersection

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SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — The intersection of County Road 49 and County Road 28 has been the site of numerous wrecks over the years.

Now, the Geneva County Commission has been awarded a grant for improvements to be made to the intersection.

“The solution is going to be making it a four-way stop, putting rubble strips here on South County Road 49 and new rubble strips coming from 28,” said Weston Spivey, District One Geneva County Commissioner. “(We’re) making our stop signs 56 inches along with all our other road signs, and completely reworking this intersection that sees over 125 cars an hour.”

One resident, who’s had two wrecks within three months apart, at that intersection said it’s not the safest.

“It’s highly traveled, but it’s not just local people; it’s people from all around,” Kaleb Snell said. “It’s the quickest way to the beach, so of course, people are going to take it. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s not a safe intersection by no means, and a four-way stop, I believe, it’ll definitely make it much safer, and it’ll slow people down to quite a bit.”

Slocomb’s fire chief lives near the intersection and said that while turning it into a four-way stop will help, he still wants to remind people there’s only so much the government can do.

“Stay off your cell phones while driving,” Chief Kyle Hovey said. “A lot of these wrecks here actually occur after somebody stops, but then they don’t properly look left or right and they pull out, and there’s an accident anyway. So, no matter how much effort Weston and the County Commission do, the public has to do their part to drive safely and follow the state driving laws.”

Spivey said they hope to start working on it in February and be finished in time for spring break.

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