Geneva City School Superintendent Ron Snell has COVID

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Geneva, Ala. (WDHN)—One school district is reeling from the effects of COVID-19.

Members of Geneva City School administration and personnel have either tested positive or are in quarantine due to “Social tracing”.

Geneva School Superintendent, Ron Snell is currently on day seven of quarantine.
One week ago, Snell tested “positive” for COVID-19.

But, Snell is not the only one. A large number of his administrative staff along with instructional
and non-instructional have the Coronavirus, or are in quarantine due to social tracing:
“Just in a place where we can’t adequately staff our schools, and we’re in a place and we adjusted now to an at-home learning
The environment in the past so we have that to fall back on,” according to Snell.

As far as his own battle with the disease, Snell says its been “tough”. But so far its mostly
been an on-going headache and fever. He’s just hoping it stays out of his chest, which often
results in patients dying from not being able to breathe.

“Strange side effects continue to pop-up that isn’t explainable. It clearly has some teeth and needs to be watched. And we’ll follow
Those protocols as closely as we can,” according to snell

Snell says it’s been extremely hard to find substitutes because pandemic issues have been
affecting school districts across the wiregrass.

Beginning Thursday and running through next Tuesday, the students at both the high school and middle school will be on “virtual” learning.
On-campus classroom work will resume next Wednesday, January 27th.

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