Former Elba police chief pleads guilty to 4th degree forgery

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ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Elba’s former police chief entered a guilty plea for Forgery in a Coffee County courtroom this week.

Hanchey pleaded guilty to a 4th degree Forgery misdemeanor offense for submitting false firearm qualification forms from 2015 to 2017. 

“Every year, law enforcement has to go to the range and shoot a qualifying score to continue part of their certification,” specially-appointed prosecutor Kirke Adams said. “There was a problem in the Elba Police Department and he did not go to the range and qualify.”

Hanchey was first charged with 2nd degree forgery, which is a Class C felony,  but entered a plea bargain agreement months later. 

“Mr. Hanchey pled guilty to one count of misdemeanor Forgery in association with a forged document concerning his gun qualification scores,” Adams said.

Originally facing 12 months in the county jail, the former police chief’s sentence was suspended. He’s now on a two year-long unsupervised probation and expected to pay a fine as well as court costs.

With the news that Hanchey did accept a plea bargain, some Elba resident told News 18 they think he got off too easy.

“I think that he should spend more time than that,” said one Elba resident who wished to remain anonymous. “I think he should pay out more money than that because it wasn’t right the way he was doing. (He was) doing wrong stuff in there through the police department.”

Because other arrests are pending in this investigation, little information can be given out at this time. 

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