Former Elba mayoral candidate says he’s not suing the city; says motion has nothing to do with losing the election

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ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Monday, former Elba mayoral candidate Tim Johnson filed a motion where he named the city of Elba as a defendant.

This led some to believe that Johnson was suing the city. But he said the motion was to delay the canvassing, or confirming, of the mayoral votes.

“Complaints have been filed pertaining to activities during the campaign process,” former Elba mayoral candidate Tim Johnson said. “The motion was filed to request a delay in the final vote by the Elba City Council.”

Johnson said there are three state agencies now investigating what he calls “criminal acts” but he refused to elaborate on what the investigation is about calling them “legal matters.”

However, Johnson said this has nothing to do with him losing the mayoral race.

“This is simply a reaction or an action to help ensure free election and free candidacy for anyone who is so qualified to do,” Johnson said.

Thursday, the city of Elba issued a statement saying it believes in a free and fair election and that Johnson’s complaint is not against the city.

“We believe that the election was facilitated in accordance with section 11 of the Alabama state code” Elba city clerk Sally Bane said. “We believed Mr. Johnson confirmed that last night with his Facebook post that his complaint is not with the city of Elba, the election officials, or the mechanics in which the election was held.”

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