Florala business looking forward to Labor Day Weekend

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Florala, Ala. (WDHN)—The Labor Day Holiday Weekend traditionally marks the end of the Summer tourist season.
For tourist-related businesses, it’s been a tough Summer due to periodic Covid-19 beach closures.

With Florala at the crossroads of several north-south beach routes, city officials hope local retail can reap the benefits of travelers heading to the
Northern Gulf of Mexico tourist attractions.

Covid-19 social distancing protocols has crippled much of the tourist industry along Florida’s Gulf Coast.
As a border city, Florala’s economy is directly “impacted” by beach traffic.

This holiday weekend, Mayor Terry Holley is hoping
for lots’ of traffic heading down U.S. Highway 331 and State Road, 85 will be heavily traveled, according to Mayor Holley.
He adds “We’re in Alabama and gas is cheaper here than Florida, about 20-cents a gallon cheaper. We get a lot of people
coming in and buying gas and eating and things of that nature.”

Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Patricia Strickland says “We also ask that if people come, they don’t congregate in large groups. So far we’ve not
had any reports of outbreaks of people using the lake.”

The south-bound traffic through Florala mostly heads to tourist attractions from Panama City Beach
To Pensacola Beach.

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