Fires blazing across the Wiregrass as drought worsens

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DOTHAN Ala. (WDHN) — The Wiregrass has lacked rain in the past few weeks, causing extremely dry conditions outside.

The drought has led to several fires happening all over.

“We have seen a marked increase, especially over the last week or two in the number of what we describe outdoor fires,” Dothan Fire Deputy Chief Chris Etheredge said. “Whether that’s a field fire or brush, or a roadside fire such as we had earlier this week.”

Places like Dale County, Geneva County, and Houston County have all had fires pop up over the past several weeks, and it has caused some concern among the people that live in them.

“We haven’t gone to a no burn yet, but we are on an alert, and we’re asking people to understand that,” Geneva Sheriff Tony Helms said. “You know, yes rake your leaves but they’ll last til we have some rain before you have to burn them.”

One Geneva family’s house caught fire Thursday around 4 a.m. The family was not hurt, and they don’t know what caused the fire. Now, the family’s finding it difficult with day-to-day necessities and are looking to open up a donation account.

“The big thing is that just the day-to-day living right now,” said Cindy Michael, a family friend. “Trying to go buy the hairdryers, trying to go buy … so gift cards, food, gift certificates or even just making a meal is the big thing right now.”

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