Federal Aviation Administration to spend three days at Dothan Regional Airport

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The FAA will be at the Dothan Regional Airport for three days looking at records, training requirements, checking the airport firefighters, and watching a live-fire training response drill.

In order for Dothan to have a passenger service at the airport, the Federal Aviation Administration comes once every 12 months to do an airport 139 inspection.

“That drill consists of placing a cone at a location on the airfield where our firefighters have to respond within three minutes and release the foam agent to fight a fire,” Dothan Regional Airport Director Adam Hartzog said. “If they don’t get there within three minutes we do not keep our certificate.”

For as long as Dothan has had an airport, they’ve been able to complete the drill.

Hartzog said that those are the safety requirements that the airport meets every year to continue to provide the public an airline in Dothan.

“Our training requirements are met every day,” Hartzog said. “Our employers train every single day. We keep our records kept. The FAA could show up anytime they wanted to, and we could pass that inspection.”

For those who may be thinking about going else to travel, this is the inspection that other airports go also through.

“The inspector that’s here today just left Miami and Puerto Rico,” Hartzog said. “Every airport goes through this inspection, that has passenger service, the same inspection. We’re judged on the same playing field as Atlanta Hartsfield to Miami International Airport. We meet the same requirements they do.”

Hartzog said even though they are smaller airport, they’re still held to the same standards and surpass them every year.

If the FAA finds that an airport is not meeting its obligations, it often imposes an administrative action.

It can also impose a financial penalty for each day the airport continues to violate a part of the requirement.

In extreme cases, the FAA might revoke the airport’s certificate or limit the areas of an airport where air carriers can land or takeoff.

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