Father seeks answers from DCS after son is attacked

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Disappointment and frustration are what Pastor Derriet Reed is feeling after his son Derion was assaulted by another Dothan High School student one month ago.

The altercation stemmed from a basketball game during P.E. after Derion accidentally hit the student during the game.

“He was threatening that he was gonna jump on him and so we have the video, and it shows the young man walking up on my son and my son caught off guard,” Reed said. “That was the moment that when my son was trying to call me. The phone was knocked out of his hand.”

School officials said the matter would be taken care of after spring break, but nothing was done, according to Reed. 

The student who assaulted Derion was still in school and in classes with him.

Cameras were around the area where the fight happened, but nothing was recorded.

Reed seeks answers from Dothan High and DCS because he says safety should be the number priority in schools.

“At the moment of this situation (happening), their protocol in their school book says that they’re supposed to contact the resource officer, which they did not do; they’re supposed to contact the parents, which they did not do, and they’re supposed to write up a report, which they did not do at the time of this incident,” Reed said. “It feels like the ball has been dropped in Dothan City Schools, but we will be making some decisions this next school year about where we wanna go moving forward.”

WDHN contacted Dothan High School, but no one returned our phone call. We also reach out to DCS Director of Safety and Security Scott Faulk, and he said the incident is still under investigation and declined to comment at this time.

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