Farmer: Sugar cane crop is the worst it’s been for 22 years

Local News

HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Despite the recent rain that we have seen, many crops in the wiregrass area will still suffer from the prolonged drought.

Sugar cane farmers are one group that saw the negative effects of the drought this growing season. Joe Todd of Todd Farms said this may be one of the worst crops they have seen in years.

“It’s been a terrible year,” Todd said. “It’s been our worst year that we have had in 22 years. This year out of every five gallons of juice, we are getting a gallon of good syrup this year. It’s really a high yield, (but) it’s taking a lot more cane this year to make that because of the less amount of water.”

Todd said the lack of water is to blame for the higher number of cane stalks needed.

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