Fanaticon takes over Downtown Dothan

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People flocked from different parts of the wiregrass to participate in this weekends Fanaticon. For those that do no know what a Fanaticon is it’s a weekend long event that features cosplaying, artists, vendors, comic books, and video games

“The one thing about conventions is they’re supposed to be a welcoming experience. It’s community driven. If you have a group or a fandom you’re a part of and you ask to be a

part of it we’re going to make it happen. And I’m not going to turn away anybody that’s family friendly and fun. And celebrating something in pop culture.”

One attendee went on to talk about how this was his first convention he’s ever attended.

“So far I’ve only been here on the vendors area. So it’s been real interesting so far. You’ve got a lot of cool stuff. It’s geeky stuff everywhere.”

One of this years guest speakers was hall of fame wrestling commentator Jim Ross.

“I love these events like this one. I love being around the fans. They tend to come to these functions. They’re very open minded and free spirited. They’re here to have fun.”

Plans are in the making on how next year’s Fanaticon can be even bigger.

Jim Ross wasn’t the only one to make an appearance at Fanaticon. Other guests include the voice actor from Space Ghost George Lowe and Rodger Bumpass the voice actor of Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants.

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