Enterprise Life Coach counsels those who’ve lost jobs and businesses to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Enterprise, Ala. (WDHN)— The pandemic is taking more than just a physical toll on the country.
Mental health experts say they’re seeing an “uptick” in those who are scared and depressed.
Harolyn Benjamin and her family lost their New Orleans home in Hurricane Katrina.

They would relocate” in Enterprise, and Harolyn often applies that “tragic” experience as a “Life Coach”. She says, “They’re so many wiregrass residents who’ve
lost jobs and businesses in just a few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She adds for many, “it’s an “overwhelming” experience
leading to deep depression.”

A few years ago, Harolyn helped Samson native Kristen Roy through a tough period. Kristen was a recovering drug addict,
who didn’t know if she was still employable. Following counseling, Kristen was hired as a cashier and promoted to Produce Manager at the Enterprise Piggly Wiggly
on the Geneva Highway. With the ongoing pandemic, Kristen says “she talks with her customers that have lost everything.

Harolyn reminds her guests’ of the Bible story, “The bad times will pass”.
In Enterprise, Mike Gurspan W.D.H.N. News..

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