Employment opportunities in Dothan grow while unemployment rate drops

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In the past year, Dothan has seen 801 jobs added to the city’s market, 1,500 in Houston County, and 2,200 to the entire metropolitan area, which includes Houston, Henry, and Geneva Counties.

This is a significant increase in employment opportunities.

“When you look back to 2013, we were at seven percent unemployment rate,” Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker said. “The state was 7.2, and the U.S. At 7.1/7.4, and just over the last six years no we’ve got the lowest at 2.5, all-time record low.”

However, Parkers said without good planning, infrastructure, development, and roads, the market might not be in the same position.

A regional approach and collaboration was a big key to a lot of projects being completed in the Wiregrass.

“Since 2015-2019, we’ve seen 3,200 jobs added to the market,” Parker said. “It is about a team, a lot of that’s in our backyard. It’s in Dothan. It’s throughout the region but Dothan’s a critical part of our economic structure.”

The chamber has talked to 175 inquiries with people looking to do business or get assistance to expand into the market.

“The one big key that is so big and it continues to grow with the low unemployment rate is our workforce development efforts,” Parker said. “This past year we did seven training programs with Alabama Industrial Training to help our companies grow and expand, get the resources they need to continue to grow and prosper.”

The chamber has given out 1500 relocation packets to help companies recruit workers.

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