Elba businesses worried after new highway section creates access problems

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A new four-lane section of U.S. Highway 84 in Elba has been opened, but by doing so, it has cut down access into a small shopping center.

When leaving those businesses, one can no longer make a left-turn. Barricades prevent that from happening.

One gunshop owner in Elba said the access issue is causing a great deal of distress for his customers as well as creating a danger issue.

“Now customers will have to go from Enterprise towards Opp,” “They’ll have to go down there and turn around to cut back up this side. Yeah, it’s made it pretty difficult for them, and it’s gonna make it more difficult for the 18-wheelers that we have delivering shipments. We have shipments coming in daily.”

Next week, Elba Mayor Tom Maddox and State Sen. Jimmy Holley will meet with Alabama D.O.T. Officials at their Troy Regional Office to find a remedy to the lack of access points.

“Some of the folks have turned onto, into the wrong lane because they weren’t expecting it to be open so we need to be very careful when driving around in those areas,” Maddox said.

He said the opening of the four-lanes on the northside of the city has led to driver confusion and a few close accidents.

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