Dothan roads made worse by Hurricane Sally

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Hurricane Sally brought flash flooding and excessive rain to our area, which caused damage to homes, cars, and roads.

Although not all the potholes found in the city were due to the storm, many were created or worsened by the rain and wind.

“When we have a wetter year, you know, you get more potholes,” Dothan City Works Director Charles Metzger said. “Once the asphalt becomes cracked and older, and the moisture, the water gets down into those cracks and it kinda gets beat out. Then you bust the surface, and once you bust the surface of the asphalt, you’ve created potholes.”

Many pot holes start out as small cracks in the road from wear and tear of vehicles but end up becoming larger because of rain and wind.

Dothan have a portion of Public Works that is dedicated to taking care of the city roads, specifically filling potholes and uneven roadways.

“The City of Dothan, we have crews that go out, you know, people call on anything as far as potholes go and we have a crew with a pothole truck that’s out there repairing them,” Metzger said. “We obviously from there try to make sure we’re looking at those roads with the most potholes and the traffic issues and try to resurface.”

The City Public Works department maintains over 500 miles of road in Dothan and continues to work diligently to keep the roads safe and secure.

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