Dothan musician talks performing in the pandemic, future goals

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —Michael Brandon Hudson, known on stage as Michael Brandon, has been surrounded by music his entire life, between seeing his family play in church to beginning his own musical journey around his teenage years.

“They all played music a little bit, and when I was growing up I just remember watching concert videos and just seeing, I started off playing drums so I seen the guy playing drums and just wanted to do that,” Hudson said.

Hudson has continued to play gigs throughout the pandemic, which is unheard of in the performing community and looks forward to continuing his business.

“Well fortunately for me for the past two years, I’ve been playing music full time and just nothing but music,” he said. “Like I said I can play drums and I can sing so.”

When asked what it felt like to do what he loves every day, he explained that he could not have asked for anything more.

“It felt really good you know, just felt like freedom I guess a good way to put it,” he said. “Something you enjoy doing and it doesn’t feel like it’s work.”

When talking about the future, Hudson said he hopes to move to Nashville to pursue his dreams of becoming a more well known artist.

“Well I mean, everybody, of course, wants the fame and a little bit of the fortune you know have the big crowds and be on the radio and all that,” he said. “But as long as I can just make a living, a comfortable living playing music then I did it to me you know I made it.”

Michael Brandon will be playing at Bama Slam until further notice.

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