Dothan-Houston County EMA hoping to receive CARES Act funding

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Since the pandemic started, the Dothan-Houston County EMA has had to disperse protective equipment across the county and does not have it in their budget to receive more.

With the help from the federal CARES Act, the Volunteer Fire and EMS Associations would be able to receive multiple pieces of equipment and stockpile PPE, personal protective equipment.

“So on the fire side, we’re asking for PPE, personal protection equipment,” Director Chris Judah said. “We’re also asking for different types of devices that are sanitary devices that will clean the turnout gear and the uniforms and equipment that these firefighters wear.”

The larger portion of the funding would go towards new cardiac monitors for all ambulances.

The present monitors will no longer be approved for function in February 2021, and the new monitors have new updates the present ones do not.

“It’s going to allow us to have more capabilities of being able to monitor our patients closer because they are newer,” Houston County EMS Captain Heather Thomas said. “The ones that we have are outdated. They don’t do as much as the ones we are requesting do. The ones we are requesting have better capabilities to help us monitor carbon monoxide levels in our patients, carbon dioxide levels in our patients.”

Any money left in the CARES Act fund by Dec. 31 will disappear so the EMA is hoping to receive the funding soon.

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