Dothan Airport Authority working to enhance customer satisfaction

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Back in October at the begging of the fiscal year the Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority and the director sat down to come up with a plan to meet goals to enhance customer satisfaction.

The group implemented three goals they wanted to do to help remind people Dothan has an airport.

“Number one, we renovated the terminal building,” said Adam Hartzog, Dothan-Houston County Airport Director. “We’ve installed all new flooring throughout the building. That was very much needed. The second thing we really want to enhance the entrance, the aesthetic of the airport. We’ve been clearing out the entrance road, planting new landscaping, getting ready for the spring season.”

As for what the third project is, Hartzog thinks people will be happy about this addition.

“We just recently completed a survey that our number one requested item was a restroom beyond security,” Hartzog said. “We are opening bids in two weeks that will have a 60-day construction time, and then we’ll have a male and female restroom facility beyond security. So, we are listening to the community.”

Starting in June, Delta will be implementing a fifth flight a day to serve the community.

“That flight will be coming in about 4:00/4:30 and departing about five,” Hartzog said. “So, that will actually provide the wiregrass area many more connections then what they can typically have now, so we’re looking forward to that.”

Hartzog said they look forward to 2020 being another strong year for the airport.

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