Don’t let the Grinch steal your gifts this year: tips to stay safe during the holiday season

Local News

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Santa may not be the only one coming to your house this holiday season. As the holidays near, the number of car and home break-ins starts to rise.

“About ninety percent of the car break-ins for instance of what we have is mainly unlocked doors,” Dothan Police Lieutenant Scott Owens said.

According to Owens, many people do not think to lock up their cars when living in a neighborhood, like the Brentwood subdivision, which has seen many car break-ins over the past few days.

“If you lock up your vehicle, generally, they don’t want to make the sounds to wake everybody up at night and get caught they would rather go to an unlocked door,” Owens said. “On the off chance that you get somebody who’s going to break your window, we actually have a lot better track record of catching those guys.”

Owens also spoke about porch pirates, or people who will steal packages from your front step or mailbox.

This is a serious issue as more people use online shopping in order to keep safe during COVID-19.

“If you have neighbors that you trust, team up with your neighbors,” He said. “Especially the ones that are going to be home during the day or you can swap out. Who’s home, who’s not, who goes home for lunch, and they can get those packages off your doorstep as quick as possible.”

Owens explained that if you are traveling for the holiday, make sure to park cars in driveways to make it seem like people are home or buy outdoor flood lights.

“The best things to do is make it look like somebody is home and also any kind of security system that you’ve got,” Owens said. “Ring cameras, nest cameras, even ADT an audible alarm that’s not monitored. You know those are still very helpful to law enforcement.”

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