Despite a Covid-19 closure and building renovations earlier this year, Milkey Moos prospers in Downtown Enterprise

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Enterprise, Ala. (WDHN)—Since its inception in the U.S. in mid-March, the Covid-19 pandemic has permanently closed the doors to thousands of restaurants nationwide.

But in the City of Progress, one eatery is thriving despite the virus and the forced closure due to building issues.

Lisa Gray has owned and operated Milky Moos homemade ice cream here in Downtown Enterprise for 16 years.

Covid-19 led to the “closure” of indoor dining. That led to curbside service. Shortly after, a city inspection of the
century-old building indicated serious issues with the century-old roof to the eatery. That led to a total “three-month” closure while
Renovations took place.

But once reopened a few months back, the totally revamped establishment is doing better than ever.

Gray says “and the employees at a time when they’re worried at a time feeding their families. And worried about the workplace, what do we need to do to stay
open and they were here every day taking care of our customers and taking care of those adjustments, that’s not easy to do when you have a lot
of personal worries.”

Reporter Mike Gurspan says “for one employee who has been here for the last 15 years, says she had no doubt the business would continue to grow and thrive once
Everything reopened.”

Longtime employee Jill Campbell says
“Oh absolutely, I’m constantly amazed by what a great town Enterprise is. How loving this community is. And how excited they were when
we re-opened.”

“The response when people walk in and see the place and they’re grateful that we’re open, I can’t say anything else.”

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