Deer collisions could pose a threat to your wallet, local insurance agent says

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The state of Alabama ranks 21st in the nation for animal and car collisions.

The average cost per person for a deer vs a vehicle incident is $2,300, and basic car insurance will not cover that.

“Collision insurance will not cover animal collisions so it’s gonna be covered in your comprehensive portion of your insurance,” State Farm Agent Brian Jones said.

Insurance agents recommend you get full coverage to make sure if a deer collision occurs, you’ll be taken care of.

Full coverage includes both collision and comprehensive coverage, and while some people don’t worry about hitting animals on the road, Jones said it happens more than you think.

“You have quite good odds, especially in Alabama,” he said. “There’s a 1/116 chance that you at some point are going to hit an animal.”

Tips for avoiding deer include being extra cautious during times that deer are moving around like dusk and dawn.

“You know they are very active around time changes,” Jones said. “When it starts to get dark, the animals need to feed before they go bed down. You know when daylight’s coming up they’re waking up like you and I and are getting active.”

If you do have to drive during dark hours, Jones said it’s in your best interest to simply slow down.

“We’re all in a hurry, but especially if you’re traveling at dusk or dawn time frame slowdown,” he said. “You know scan the road too.”

Collisions as a whole cost insurance companies $8 billion a year.

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